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Because of United Kingdom’s great fervor on antique items, a British Television Show produced by PBS (an American TV Network) was created for antique collectors, vendors, appraisers, and even for ordinary people who just wants to gain knowledge about antique with a touch of historical backgrounds. “Antiques Roadshow” started to air in 1979 where it features antiques from several regions in United Kingdom brought by ordinary people. Local people display their oldest item like antique rings, antique toys, garden antiques, etcetera and through the show, the collectors and appraiser evaluates the antique’s authenticity and value. With Antiques Roadshow, fake and original items were being identified that also helps collectors on how they should evaluate a certain antique. The show also features family heirlooms, long-lost items where experts reveal fascinating truths about those finds.

In November 16, 2008, the most valuable antique appeared on the show. It was an original 1990’s Marquette of the Angel of the North (made by Antony Gormley) displayed by Philip Mould. It was valued 1 million Euros. But not all items being displayed on the show were valuable. Some are worthless before the expert’s eyes but the show rarely air those episodes to save the embarrassment for the individual.

Antiques Roadshow won several awards at different award winning bodies and now on its 14th season and is hosted by Mark L. Walberg.

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The Legendary Rings

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In the small town of Amozilus, near Ozmon, there is a man named Jayza. He is a fine looking man with well built body. He is 22yrs old and still staying with his family. He is very kind, well mannered person and a hunter in their village.

When he was walking going home from hunting, he suddenly bumped into an old man and the things of the old man fell. Jayza helped the old man and while helping he saw the two very rare antique rings attached with each other. When he picked it up the rings detached and the old man was really amazed. The old man told him that the ring was never been detached ever since the last user combined it. He was even told that whoever can separate the ring will be its owner. He curiously asked the old man for the history of those antique rings. He was told that the ring came from the royal god family of Zeus and has a lot of history that was never been unfolded. The only story told to him was about the legendary couple who once used it and won a lot of kingdom battles. The old man said “The very brave young couple was inseparable until the day that the girl died because of sickness. The young knight shed tears because of his lost. He combined their rings so that they can never be separated. He then situates a blessing and a curse to the ring. The young knight declared to the ring that whoever separates the ring will be its owner and whoever carry it will be very strong and can even take kingdoms as long as they are near to each other, on the other hand whenever one of the bearer dies, it will also happen to the other one and the ring will be attached to each other again as it locates the new possessor.”.

The old man told him that he was looking for the next ring bearer and if ever he couldn’t find it he will pass it to the next generation until they can find out who’s the next ring bearer. But now that he saw it, he was really glad. The old man put the rings into Jayza’s hand and suddenly vanished. Jayza was shocked because of what happened and didn’t know what to do next. He really doesn’t want to keep the rings but he doesn’t have any choice but to keep it.

While walking back home, He saw Christy Anne, 21yr old fine beautiful lady who is one of his childhood friends that leaves near his house. She greeted Jayza with a wonderful smile and walked with him going home.  Jayza didn’t notice that he dropped the other ring in his hand. Christy Anne got it and was amazed because the ring was really beautiful. She tried it on and…

To be continued…

Give me more ideas of what can happen next.. I’m trying to write a story about the legendary rings.. thanks! 🙂

The Legendary Rings

This is the legendary rings in the story.

I don’t want but I need to be WORKAHOLIC!

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It’s been a while since I last posted a blog here in wordpress. I’ve been very busy in my work and some of my life issues the past few weeks. I don’t want to entertain negative thoughts so that i wont give up. I will not succumb to pressure. I will not crumble. I must keep moving forward. I know I can do it, and I will. I just need to rest my mind for awhile and I know I will be back later, to write something better than this. 🙂